Human Centric was founded to help organisations become more inclusive and improve decision making. We primarily focus on addressing implicit bias in decision making, particularly in areas where it impacts diversity & inclusion. We offer training and consultancy services to banks, law firms, universities and other organisations. Currently, we focus on developing training materials for organisations to use. We produce our own scenes to experience bias in training; an example is shown below.

Please note that we currently only operate in the Netherlands. We can produce materials in Dutch and English.

Would you like to have a conversation about what we could mean for your organisation? Please contact:

Annemarie van Iren | +31 6 53244164 |

Michiel Zeegers | +31 6 29382322

Part-time part 1 (Dutch, English subtitle available)

Introducing our founders

Annemarie van Iren
Michiel Zeegers
Rutger Legeland
Note: video's in Dutch, English subtitles not yet available

Introducing our partners

Caroline Pickard
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